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RT @RegSprecher_AT: On today’s trip to #Ukraine Federal Chancellor @sebastiankurz met with Ukrainian President @poroshenko. The Chancellor emphasized Austria’s commitment to support Ukraine’s interests during the ongoing Austrian EU-Presidency #eu2018at. 1/3

RT @George_Osborne: Today’s ⁦@EveningStandard⁩ as 7 MPs quit Labour to become independents - could be the start of something very big in British politics

RT @IRLPatricia: One might reasonably expect that farmers @IvorUFU warning of impending disaster on today’s #SundayPoliticsNI with @MarkCarruthers7 might warrant a story in its own right, not just a brief mention in the 24th paragraph of this one. DUP just don’t get it.…

RT @PhilipSime: On today’s #RawPolitics: ➡️EU fights back ➡️Chuck Chequers? ➡️Stubb steps up ➡️EU uniformity ➡️Trump imitates Juncker @TesaArcilla is joined by @maiadelabaume, @Steven_Woolfe, @RachelSJohnson, @alexstubb, @renateweber, @SHKMEP & @brandobenifei. 📺 5PM BST / 6PM CEST

RT @Michael_Heaver: ‘@Nigel_Farage spells it out in today’s Telegraph: @Jacob_Rees_Mogg is the Leader Britain needs.  “Al I can say is thank goodness for Rees-Mogg.”…

Jeroen Lenaers (EU) retweeted @joncstone :

RT @joncstone: RT @joncstone: The Berlin Wall has now been down as long as it was up, 10316 days. Today’s front page of Berliner Zeigung…

RT @mattyglesias: Today’s senate committee vote rebuking Trump on ZTE is a reminder that Republicans are not actually “afraid” to stand up to Trump. They just mostly don’t want to.

RT @luiscostainfo: RT @luiscostainfo: How to follow today’s eclipse, even if you live outside the US

RT @JakeGraf1: Following such a lovely, positive article from @Emskibeat in today’s @TheSun it’s a real shame that it’s been cheapened by such a sensationalised and misleading headline. @hannahw253 was never a man, as I was never a woman. #trans #fact

RT @BethBynnagDdaw: For those who would like to continue the conversation about #Brexit & #Wales after today’s #GwŷlEwrop in #Pontypridd you’re more than welcome to join us & @JillEvansMEP on the 29th March in @ClwbYBont @YesPontypridd @RCT4EU @WalesForEurope @Plaid_Cymru @plaidifanc @LeanneWood