All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @FinalSayWales: Now more than ever #Wales needs its #FinalSay on #Brexit. We're calling on all political parties across Wales to unite, put aside party political differences and fight for the future of our nation. Pledge your support here on the @FinalSayWales webpage:

RT @FinalSayWales: Amazing news from First Minister @MarkDrakeford. #Wales deserves a #FinalSay on any #Brexit deal. Now we know all the facts, now that the realities we face are clear, it’s only right that the ultimate decision is put back to the people of our country.…

RT @ninz50: Great to see Mitchell @Wales4Europe and @vaughangething on the way to London for the #PutItToThePeopleMarch for a #FinalSay. Over 100 people are attending today thanks to Vaughan's generosity in funding 2 coaches. Thank you from all of us.