All deleted tweets from politicians

Sound familiar? It’s because they’re all reading the same playbook…

@politicshome They’re still £9k in Labour’s Wales.

The volunteers at @FoodbankVic are legends. They’re helping their fellow Australians through the bushfire crisis. Today I paid them a visit to say thanks.

I know are pretty rubbish at maths but this is unbelievable. They’re trying to claim that a person earning £82,000 per year only pays £100 a year in tax.

Can all these moderate Conservative MPs stop announcing they’re standing down please. The rest of us need some flag flyers in the next govt

RT @jkenney: The NDP loves kicking Albertans when they’re down👇 Norway is a unitary state. Albertans have shared over $600 billion net w/ Canada since 1961. Norway’s coastal access = high Brent prices, but thanks in part to pipeline opponents like the NDP, we sell 🇨🇦 oil at huge discount.…

RT @Conservatives: 📺 @Geoffrey_Cox: “They could vote no confidence at any time but they’re too cowardly to have a go. They could agree to a motion to allow this house to dissolve, but they’re too cowardly to give it a go. This parliament should have the courage to face the electorate but it won’t”

These 6 politicians aren’t trying to atip a no-deal Brexit, they’re plotting to ignore the votes of 17.4 m people and stop Brexit completely. We will get Brexit done by October 31st and take this country forward. ✍️ Show them they can't ignore it. ➡️

RT @RonNehring: Two of the toughest European leaders in holding Russia accountable are @Bordans and @FeldmansLV. They’re with the New Conservative Party of Latvia and are awesome. Give them a follow please.

RT @alexhern: RT @alexhern: Oh, also: they’re skeevy as hell…