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On #HolocaustMemorialDay my thought are, as ever, with those millions, and their families, who perished during the Holocaust, the darkest moment in our history. We must remember them and we must never allow the events of the past to be repeated. #HolocaustMemorialDay

Today on #HolocaustMemorialDay we bow our heads in honour of innocent victims. It is our everyday duty to ensure that all people feel secure in their identity and culture, so that such atrocities never happen again. #WeRemember

Karl Turner MP (Labour) tweeted :

Today is #HolocaustMemorialDay. Together we must stand together to challenge prejudice and hatred, and work towards a better future. #HolocaustMemorialDay…

My comments marking #HolocaustMemorialDay as co-chair of Parliament’s cross-party group against antisemitism. It’s time to #StandTogether in remembrance.… @HMD_UK

RT @HMD_UK: #HolocaustMemorialDay 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Millions of people were murdered by the Nazis simply because of their identity. Let’s #StandTogether to remember them. Join us by taking part in our new online project:

To mark #HolocaustMemorialDay, I stand together with others to remember people murdered by the Nazis. Join me, and remember someone as part of @HMD_UK’s #StandTogether project of remembrance.…

RT @vanderbellen: #HolocaustMemorialDay Unser gemeinsames Gedenken enthält ein Versprechen: Niemals vergessen! Niemals werden wir das Vergangene vergessen! Niemals darf sich so etwas wiederholen!

Sadiq Khan (Labour) tweeted :

At today's incredibly moving #HolocaustMemorialDay ceremony we remembered the millions of lives lost in the Holocaust, along with the victims & survivors of genocides around the world. As we reflect on the past, we pledge to work together to live up to the promise: never again.

Randall Garrison (NDP) tweeted :

On this #HolocaustMemorialDay I am posting this photo taken in May of 1945 after the liberation of those few who survived the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria. I visited Mauthausen as a student and vowed to do my part to make sure that #We Remember.