All deleted tweets from politicians

@AngharadLee @TrivallisCEO Mine too. I haven’t disputed that. I dispute the fact that your original tweet is completely untrue.

@bencubby @GrayConnolly @ShellenbergerMD Can’t be bothered = Haven’t got the evidence to rebute @Bencubby 101

@SenKatyG was as clear as mud with @David_Speers today on the Coalition’s tax cuts. Said Labor still “haven’t” made a decision but “will have discussions” as the “situation unfolds.” What a shambles. It’s time Labor got on board and stopped blocking the tax cuts Austns voted for.

Disclaimer: I haven’t had a Savannah in maybe a decade. Rhodes University. That’s all. I please the fifth. ✋🏾

@tomhfh Er, I haven’t? 🤔

Layla Moran (UKMPs) tweeted :

This campaign is really taking off! 💥 If you haven’t yet signed the petition, sign and share it now 👇

Cory Bernardi (australia) tweeted :

Haven’t heard too many people complaining about the #drunkophobic #adultererphobeic #liaraphobic #thievophobic #idolaterophobic #fornicatorophobic and #athiestophobic tweet from @IzzyFolau ?

@Marshallmedia Haven’t seen it.

If you’re in Parliament today @ haven’t yet been down to visit the crisis stall, there’s still time 👇🏻 please do.

After this week, while we haven’t seen David Lametti’s mandate letter yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s basically this.