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Sinn Féin MP for Mid Ulster


Sinn Féin MP for Newry/Armagh. • Proud to be #YourLocalChampion

Mickey Brady (UKMPs) tweeted :

◽Be part of the Change ◽Join us ◽◽Join Sinn Féin

Paul Maskey (sinn-féin) tweeted :

Delighted for the support today. Lets get 2 Anti-Brexit Sinn Féin MPs elected in Belfast - Paul Maskey via @YouTube

Liadh Ní Riada MEP (EU) tweeted :

"Next Friday, the people will have an opportunity to return 4 Sinn Féin MEPs to the European Parliament who will progress the cause of Irish Unity, who will defend the Good Friday Agreement and who will fight to protect Irish Interests against the Tory Brexit." #NíRiada4Europe

Liadh Ní Riada MEP (EU) tweeted :

Sinn Féin is in favour of members of the Defence Forces having the right to engage in collective bargaining and call on the Government to give effect to this right without delay.

RT @GerryAdamsSF: Sinn Féin activists from across the island gathered today in Ballyfermot to discuss and plan for a referendum on Irish Unity and to win that referendum.

RT @_____xwebun4R__: Sinn Féin MEP @M_AndersonSF: "Leyla Guven's health is now in a critical condition and Abdullah Ocalan is still being held in isolation on a prison island. More than 270 Kurdish political prisoners are also on hunger strike demanding the release of both #LeylaGuven and A. #Ocalan"

Mickey Brady MP (UKMPs) tweeted :

Interesting talk in London last night by Edward Madigan on Sinn Féin landslide in the 1918 Election and Constance Markievicz. Proud to attend as a successor abstentionist Sinn Féin MP. “I would never take an oath of allegiance to the power I meant to overthrow.”

Paul Maskey (sinn-féin) tweeted :

Ahead of the beginning of the Belfast Rapid Transit Glider system on Monday 3rd September, West Belfast Sinn Féin MP Paul Maskey has said that a number of outstanding issues remain to be resolved to the...…

@thesuir @Toibin1 @SaturdayRTE @toibin It was Cormac who referred to him as 'of Sinn Féin'

Paul Maskey (sinn-féin) tweeted :

Sinn Féin to submit over a thousand boundary consultation responses