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Genuinely disappointed but the PM’s responses to me today. He doesn’t get the enormity of child food poverty, he doesn’t understand that without a Govt strategy this is only going to get worse. He blames Covid, schools & private companies. He’s the Prime Minister - sort it out!

@CandessKos @JahniDeVilliers Who says it doesn’t happen ◽

RT @theSNP: 🎙 Finance Secretary @KateForbesMSP is now speaking at #SNP20. 📣 KF: "While a virtual conference doesn’t capture the energy of a packed conference centre, or give the same opportunities for gossip, it does allow me to speak to you from Scotland’s epicentre, Dingwall." #SNP20

RT @theSNP: 🍎 Free school breakfast and lunches for all primary school pupils, in all classes, all year round. 🏫 Hunger doesn’t take a holiday and neither can we. If re-elected next May, the SNP will expand free school meals to all primary pupils so do child goes hungry at school. #SNP20

Think the pandemic and massive job losses should be the priority? Well, it seems the First Minister doesn’t. Guess what she’s focused on instead...🤦‍♂️

Ministers fell over themselves to pose for the cameras and clap our carers earlier this year, but applause doesn’t pay the bills and warm words don’t put food on the table.…

Again, I think Shaun’s the one who doesn’t get it.... these comments are rather different to Government advice ◽◽‍♀️

If “having more say” means a 2 hour debate on a non-binding motion which doesn’t actually vote to introduce any of these measures, (before they come in to force), I’d say still have a long way to go.....…

Mbuyiseni Ndlozi (EFF) tweeted :

“When consciousness departs from from you, it doesn’t announce, it doesn’t say goodbye” - Julius Malema

Diana Johnson (Labour) replied to @KeeleyMP :

@KeeleyMP @BorisJohnson Real shame and a worry wart that the PM doesn’t seem to understand how the testing system works!