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Great start to the @StaplefordCG from Anna 👏 The choice is clear - Johnson's man in Broxtowe, Corbyn's man in Broxtowe or Anna Soubry - a strong, independent voice who will put her constituents and her country first #VoteSoubry

RT @gordonrayner: RT @gordonrayner: Jeremy Corbyn's 451 page document mentions the NHS just twice, in passing, one of which relates to protecting the NHS. #G…

George Galloway (unknown) tweeted :

LABOUR: 'Corbyn's lost control of the Labour Party, hasn't he?' George speaks to broadcaster Patrick Christys about Labour's political position. #BREXIT #MOATS: @ggmoats | @RT_com | @RTUKnews | @SputnikInt | @PatrickChristys

RT @theobertram: Corbyn's by-election record: % +/- 2019 Brecon -12.4 Peterboro -17.2 Newport West -12.7 2018 Lewisham E -17.7 2017 Stoke -2.2 Copeland -4.9 2016 Sleaford -7.1 Richmond -8.67 Witney -2.2 BATLEY (uncontested) +42.6 TOOTING +8.7 Ogmore -0.3 SHEFFIELD BH +5.9 2015 OLDHAM +7.3

Ed Davey MP 🔶 (UKMPs) tweeted :

Corbyn's latest weasel words mean Labour would still enable Brexit #LibDems are the strongest remain force in Britain- and unlike @jeremycorbyn we’ve opposed the Tories every step of the way Join us, together we will #StopBrexit:

Ian Austin (Labour) tweeted :

.@maryhoneyball quits Corbyn's Labour over the hard-left takeover and the "shameful" failure to tackle racism against Jewish people. Completely right. The only question is when decent Labour MPs and members will finally stand up and do something about it.…

Diane Abbott (Labour) tweeted :

Socialist Campaign Group rally this evening speaking about Jeremy Corbyn's ladership campaign

RT @GuidoFawkes: RT @GuidoFawkes: WATCH: Do Corbyn's Core Voters Really Want to Pay More Tax?…

Respected former Labour Leader Roy Hattersley on Corbyn's Labour : "Labour is in a dangerous danger of disentegration" :

.@PM4EastRen and I statement on Corbyn's opposition to removal of that casually anti-Semitic mural in London's East End.