All deleted tweets from politicians

Please take time today to ask your MP to sign, if they haven’t yet done so, EDM 797 demanding that IKEA reinstate Richie a Venton @ReinstateRV…

@John2Win You certainly haven’t put “local people before party politics on Brexit”, John. Not even close. You’ve put your Party before the country; the farming & fishing communities across the Borders will pay a heavy price unless you wise up & vote to remain in the EEA & Customs Union.

RT @PhantomPower14: @FreeThinker2030 @GlaikitGeezer @BBCScotlandNews @BBCRadioScot @BBCWeekendGMS .@BBCScotland haven’t made a single investigative programme or discussion show on Brexit impact - it’s incredible

Haven’t been so excited by retweet since @OrkneyLibrary !