All deleted tweets from politicians

Poor old Michael O’Brien has a broken heart after he sacrificed so many pay cheque’s during the loch down. Haven’t the Liberals someone credible?

🚨 From the Senate COVID Committee 🚨At least three Morrison Government ministers haven’t done anything following revelations about an apparent fraud on the early super scheme. Staggering. #auspol #covid19aus

Hey @DuniamJonathan – why is it that you haven’t spoken in the Senate about your own Government’s union bashing bill? We know it’s bad legislation but I thought you might at least speak to support it @unionsaustralia #auspol

@bencubby @GrayConnolly @ShellenbergerMD Can’t be bothered = Haven’t got the evidence to rebute @Bencubby 101

Cory Bernardi (australia) tweeted :

Haven’t heard too many people complaining about the #drunkophobic #adultererphobeic #liaraphobic #thievophobic #idolaterophobic #fornicatorophobic and #athiestophobic tweet from @IzzyFolau ?

@criprights @ActPeoples Sorry you haven’t been able to reach me - can you please resend the email to and I’ll make I find it in the office on Monday! Or my office # is 02 6277 3646