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Labour needs to hold the Govt to account for the promises made, not just sigh in relief that they haven’t driven us off a cliff. If we are making the contrast between no deal & the Tory deal, we are simply rubber-stamping their plan all along.…

Karl Turner MP (Labour) tweeted :

11 mins and @Twitter haven’t yet put out the warning that the Don isn’t telling the truth.

Karl Turner MP (Labour) tweeted :

Haven’t a clue. Conpletey@out of touch.

@bill_wow @RobertBuckland Just written to @RobertBuckland about this. Also asked why I haven’t had a response to the fact that @AlexChalk assertion in Justice Committee evidence was either misinformed or simply just cynical.

If you’re in Parliament today @ haven’t yet been down to visit the crisis stall, there’s still time ◽◽ please do.

@suziegeewizz @JoshuaYJackson @lara_eleanor I agree it’s been rubbish. The left haven’t been involved. A word of advice tho. As black Britain’s we’re on the frontline for the rise in racism and fascism we’re seeing post ref. So pls@dknt presume to lecture me for calling out those who want the same thing as those bastards

Andrew Gwynne MP (Labour) tweeted :

I know it’s hard to believe that the 99.9% of us who *didn’t* go to Eton haven’t got the ability but I’m not sure Osbornomics was taught at Egerton Park Community High School in Denton - and that’s frankly no bad thing!

@JM_Wentworth You clearly haven’t been following my work in Russia.

@OwenJones84 Then I haven’t lost your vote.

If you haven’t had a chance to look @Rhondda_Tunnel up, do - a brilliant idea and could help transform upper Rhondda Fawr #TheRhonddaTunney