All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @DanielJHannan: @AndrewWilliaaf I can only assume you haven’t read the column, in which he was basically satirising the colonial mentality of Blairites. Sure, he was assuming that people would understand irony, which might have been an error. But he was was writing before Twitter and its dumbing down effect.

Parm Gill, MPP (unknown) tweeted :

We haven’t seen prices this low in #Milton for a long time! Thanks @fordnation and @RodPhillips01 for your leadership on this…

RT @KatrineConroy: Haven’t seen your pro-rep ballot in the mail yet? Head over to to request your voting package before the deadline tonight. #prorepislit

I ask Austrian presidency @EU2018AT to ensure the ratification of #IstanbulConvention among those who haven’t yet ratified. It’s a historic step to strengthen our tools to prevent violence, combat impunity & protect victims. #stoppakvinnovåldetnu @EP_Sverige #VAW #endfgm

Mathias Cormann (unknown) tweeted :

Pro or can’t trust Bill Shorten. He told people Labor had ‘delivered’ a surplus before. They hadn’t. They haven’t since 1989. #ShiftyBill #budgetreply18

I haven’t changed my line before during or after the referendum. I made very clear in that interview - which I’m guessing you haven’t watched - that I favoured a Swiss-style deal.…

Libs still haven’t picked candidates for half a dozen seats in WSyd. Spoke about this & more on @SkyNewsAust today.…