All deleted tweets from politicians

Helen Polley (australia) tweeted :

Australians are feeling like no matter how hard they work they just can’t get ahead because their wages aren’t keeping up with energy, health and food costs… #auspol #politas #ausvotes19

@bencubby @GrayConnolly @ShellenbergerMD Can’t be bothered = Haven’t got the evidence to rebute @Bencubby 101

Labor has so many new taxes that Bill Shorten can’t keep count of them! Last week @billshortenmp forgot his $34b of super taxes, yday he refused to tell a worker that he was increasing his tax to 49% & today @Bowenchris associated retirees with cane toads in another insult!

Make no mistake, this is Labor’s big new energy tax - carbon tax 2.0 but just much bigger. They can’t keep hiding it. #auspol

Well, show some leadership and make sure One Nation are preferenced last all your how-to-vote cards. If you can’t do that, Prime Minister, you’re nothing but a phoney.

Mathias Cormann (unknown) tweeted :

Pro or can’t trust Bill Shorten. He told people Labor had ‘delivered’ a surplus before. They hadn’t. They haven’t since 1989. #ShiftyBill #budgetreply18

SHAMBLES ALERT: Turnbull Government can’t or won’t tell the parliament how much their tax handouts for multinationals and the big banks will cost Australian taxpayers in the Budget handed down last night #auspicious #qt

Helen Polley (australia) tweeted :

Turnbull can’t find the money to properly fund schools, unis & TAFE, but he can find $80 billion to give big business and the banks a tax handout... #auspol #politas #2018Budget

RT @NewcastleJetsFC: It’s here, and we can’t wait! See you tonight, Newcastle ✈️ #NEWvMVC

Helen Polley (australia) tweeted :

Well said Tanya. McKenzie all talk no action to protect our schools & Unis. They can’t be trusted just like #🎩Turnbull. #auspol…