All deleted tweets from politicians

It's as irresponsible of #Parrikar to deviate frm India's 'No 1st-Use Policy' as it'll be suicidal&criminal of India to be 1st to use N-arms

James Shaw (green-party) tweeted :

It's a big day for Auckland as construction gets underway on the City Rail Loop. It'll make a massive difference.…

David C Bannerman (EU) tweeted :

@tomconti makes v smart EU point @BBCr4today: 'It's wonderful idea poorly executed.. If we left, it'll be forced to reform'. @consforbritain

Bob Neill (Conservative) tweeted :

Clear from last nights debate only Zac can deliver Night Tube, @Sadiq Khan bankrolled by unions who say it'll never happen #BackZac2016

@Simon_Nixon Blackmail? Offering to give money, when you're under no obligation to do so, but only if you think it'll help?

Chuka Umunna (Labour) tweeted :

A new BoE report shows many SMEs don't ask banks credit for fear it'll lead to increased costs for existing borrowing