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RT @HMorganThompson: RT @HMorganThompson: Always seen Wales as a warm, friendly, welcoming place. I hope it'll stay that way forever. #WeAreWales

RT @Kleinmaischeid: RT @Kleinmaischeid: @IainDale @MarrShow @NicolaSturgeon There'll never be full Brexit. EEA is as close as it'll get. Brits aren't that insa…

Natalie McGarry (unknown) tweeted :

It's now recess, so it'll be a busy few weeks in the constituency.

@eddireader @rajbeartcreagh Aye, and it'll cost £6bn to renovate. Move and make it a historical museum.

RT @HilaryWyles: RT @HilaryWyles: @grahamemorris @2020Comms @mssocietyuk Good stuff, Grahame. Can you sIgn & RT this pls? It'll affect #WASPI with MS https:…

Natalie McGarry (unknown) tweeted :

A few issues with my mobile, so if anyone has tried to call or message, apologies. It'll be hors de combat for a few days. Email instead.

@AShortbread Thank you. It'll be either John mason or Ivan McKee depending on which bit of the constituency.

Graham Jones (Labour) retweeted @wdjstraw :

RT @wdjstraw: RT @wdjstraw: @GrahamJones_MP Dont think it'll happen today though. Not a single attempt so far! #venkysout