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RT @CallumWarwick96: RT @CallumWarwick96: @georgegalloway my CLP nominates tonight. It'll be a bloodbath ◽

RT @FootyHumour: RT @FootyHumour: At this rate it'll remain 0-0 even after penalties. #CROPOR

#Truck Repeal the Tribunal’s new charge rate on contractor truckies. It'll render small contractors uncompetitive…

@AmbroseEP @Simon_Nixon We *should* be willing to give money to a post-euro Greece. But as long as the euro remains, it'll just sluice away.

@Paul1Singh We agree. And when the vote comes, it'll be on the EU that has actually taken shape, not the one we might ideally have wanted.

If Ed Miliband makes it to No10 it'll the SNP pulling the strings - their explicit policy is for higher immigration. #sameoldlabour #GE2015

RT @ScotsFox71: RT @ScotsFox71: Feel the love Scotland,remember it'll only get worse over the next 8weeks. Don't get mad, get even #VoteSNP B a Star http:…

RT @Mr_Eugenides: RT @Mr_Eugenides: This is just so obviously correct from @DanHannanMEP that it's hard to understand why it'll probably never happen http://…

@IainDale I reckon it'll stay as it is. Pity: @JimAllister, who left the DUP when it somersaulted on Strormont, is a man of rare principle.

RT @mgreenwell: RT @mgreenwell: Just recorded new episode of Scot Indy Podcast with MSP and journalist @JoanMcAlpine It'll be out tomorrow.