All deleted tweets from politicians

Tom Mulcair (NDP) tweeted :

I’ll be on the @cfax1070 at 1:05 (PST) to talk #NDP momentum & our #Victoria rally tomorrow. Listen: #cdnpoli

Scott Simms (Liberal) retweeted @acoyne :

RT @acoyne: RT @acoyne: I’ll just repeat my proposed attack-ad reform: make the party leader voice the ad. Say what you like, but own it. They’d cle ...

Rodger Cuzner (Liberal) retweeted @acoyne :

RT @acoyne: RT @acoyne: Wait, so Rob Ford DOESN’T stand by every word he said in the Conrad Black interview? I’ll never trust him again.

RT @acoyne: RT @acoyne: Hudak “I’ll resign if I don’t keep my promises” line is direct steal from Harris. It’s nonsensical but my impression is it work…

RT @ThomasMulcair: RT @ThomasMulcair: To begin tackling growing child obesity rates, I’ll fight to ban food advertising directed at children. #cdnpoli #NDP ht…

Great to be back in #NewBrusnwick today. I’ll be in #Moncton, Quispamsis, and #SaintJohn – hope to meet lots of NBers! #NB

Looking forward to being back in #NewBrunswick today. I’ll be in #Moncton, Sussex, & #SaintJohn – hope to meet as many NBers as I can! #NB

Marc Garneau (Liberal) tweeted :

Looking forward to seeing what health & tech innovators combine forces at: I’ll be there Feb 25 to lend support.