All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @ChriswMP: RT @ChriswMP: In this morning’s debate on cuts to met fire services, I’ll be calling on fire minister to rethink Govt’s plans that endan ...

RT @FractalEcho: RT @FractalEcho: Why everyone in Europe should adopt the drachma - Telegraph What do you think @SteveBakerHW ? I’ll call my people. http:/…

RT @benedictbrogan: RT @benedictbrogan: Dave raises the stakes.... Safeguard the City or I’ll veto new EU treaty, warns PM #eurogeddon ...

David Lammy (Labour) tweeted :

Affordable should mean something again. I’ll make sure that it does. #BackingDavid

David Lammy (Labour) tweeted :

London's housing stock is being decimated, as mayor i’ll build 30,000 new social homes. heres how. #LammyForLondon

Mary Creagh MP (Labour) tweeted :

Got a #Wakefield issue you want to raise? I’ll be at the Balne Lane Community Centre, WF2 0DP 10 -11.30am. Join me for a coffee!

@theblogofkevin Could you drop me an email to with this message, your postal details & I’ll pick up this issue for you.

RT @Bucks_News: RT @Bucks_News: Britain’s oldest barmaid celebrates 100th birthday in style and vows: ‘I’ll still be serving ... #Bu…

Votes have been counted. The charity I’ll fundraise for this year is the Riverside Animal Centre. Thanks for voting!

Sadiq Khan MP (Labour) tweeted :

I’ll be voting shortly for @ChukaUmmuna’s call for a full investigation into #blacklisting, need to make sure it never happens again