All deleted tweets from politicians

David Lammy (Labour) tweeted :

Affordable should mean something again. I’ll make sure that it does. #BackingDavid

Tonight, I’ll be outlining more of Labor’s plan for a Smart, Modern and Fair Australia in my #BudgetReply speech.

Tom Mulcair (NDP) tweeted :

I’ll be on the @cfax1070 at 1:05 (PST) to talk #NDP momentum & our #Victoria rally tomorrow. Listen: #cdnpoli

RT @Ed_Miliband: RT @Ed_Miliband: As Prime Minister, I’ll ensure that interns working for more than four weeks will get at least the minimum wage. http://t.…

Given the Liberals track record on tolerating top end corporate tax minimisation, I’ll believe Hockey’s Google Tax when I see it.