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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @DIANAATURNBULL: RT @DIANAATURNBULL: Tomorrow Scotland has a VERY important decision to make. Vote #snp to end austerity once and for all #ge2015 #votesnp h…

RT @LeeMartin4947: RT @LeeMartin4947: Going to be on @RTUKnews tonight at 7pm to discuss more powers for Scotland and the meeting between PM and FM. @Christin…

RT @Eileen43Eileen: RT @Eileen43Eileen: This man is a disgrace to democracy in Scotland, P45

RT @OldGlenbogle: RT @OldGlenbogle: Murphy chief of staff in Labour pay off wrangle | Herald Scotland… via @heraldscotland

RT @The45Storm: RT @The45Storm: “@seamus1314: @JimForScotland simple, we r not genetically programed in Scotland to make decisions”

RT @DerekScott1984: RT @DerekScott1984: What will Ed Miliband do for Scotland? Less than Sturgeon, Hosie or Salmond will, that's for sure. #GE2015 #VoteSNP

RT @DerekScott1984: RT @DerekScott1984: Labour would rather have a Tory government than a coalition with the SNP. They don't give a damn about Scotland!

RT @Lynne_Currie: RT @Lynne_Currie: It matters to Scotland that good decisions are made at Westminster. SNP will be positive influence says @NicolaSturgeon o…

RT @Lynne_Currie: RT @Lynne_Currie: 100,000 kids in Scotland face poverty at hands of cuts Labour & Tories will continue - this isn't fair says @NicolaSturge…