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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


YES: Scotland should be an independent country!

RT @BantamDan_: Imagine if we could redraw the border so us Yorkshire folk are a part of Scotland. Oh what a time to be alive! #TakeUsWithY…

RT @GraceBrodie: Labour ABSTAINED on an SNP amendment to remove VAT from Scottish Fire & Police!!! Selling Scotland out again #Labstainers

RT @GraceBrodie: @jimmurphymp Slab MPs have never stood up for Scotland that's why WM are so terrified of SNP MPs #VoteSNPgetScotland Jim

RT @GraceBrodie: @blairmcdougall Survation Scotland Debate Poll Nicola 68% Ed 17% #SNP

Nic Dakin (Labour) retweeted @jld000 :

RT @jld000: We need a leader who can reunite scotland, call out the tories properly and lead us to victory in 2020. @YvetteForLabour is the…

RT @garydunion: Number of mentions of Scotland in the #UKIPManifesto: 8. Number of those that refer to taking money away from Scotland: 7.

RT @garydunion: Miliband describing Scottish result as a "surge of nationalism" shows Labour *still* don't understand Scotland.

RT @scottcampbell: BREAKING: Alistair Carmichael admits Nicola Sturgeon ambassador memo came from Scotland Office (Channel 4)

AnasSarwar (Labour) retweeted @ramiokasha :

RT @ramiokasha: 'We have to fight for every single vote. We can win it' | Herald Scotland… via @hsnewsbreak

RT @mvnirxh: good day @ LDN, visiting Parliment, Scotland Yard, Finsbury Park etc thanks to @M4COnline @AndyHull79 @SDoughtyMP 😅😅 http://t.…