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RT @tscholesfogg: RT @tscholesfogg: The PM says he is reforming the NHS with the backing of nurses, doctors etc....err no....most of them are against it also!

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RT @wdjstraw: RT @wdjstraw: Annual statement of individual taxes and where it goes is good idea which will show how little is spent on 'scroungers'. # ...

RT @wdjstraw: RT @wdjstraw: This brilliant speech about the choice facing Labour is among the reasons why I'm supporting @YvetteForLabour…

RT @tscholesfogg: RT @tscholesfogg: Many congratulations to the new Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party, Dave Watts MP.

RT @tscholesfogg: RT @tscholesfogg: Pleased to see the British Government and Opposition united in condemning the actions of Assad in Syria.

RT @tscholesfogg: RT @tscholesfogg: Out of touch with Policing Guest Blog from @SirIanBlair #Police

RT @rhys_talbot: RT @rhys_talbot: @joswinson Jo, I am taking part in Movember this year so please RT for this excellent cause #movember

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RT @DVATW: RT @DVATW: Here is a sensible LABOUR MP talking common sense.… Well said @KateHoeyMP I fear her voice will be ignore…

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RT @DVATW: RT @DVATW: I wonder if IRA godfather McGuinness take a trip to Hyde Park when in London yesterday? Remember his IRA did this.…

RT @tscholesfogg: RT @tscholesfogg: Conservatives have lost Plymouth to Labour #Election2012