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@AmbroseEP @Simon_Nixon We *should* be willing to give money to a post-euro Greece. But as long as the euro remains, it'll just sluice away.

@Paul1Singh We agree. And when the vote comes, it'll be on the EU that has actually taken shape, not the one we might ideally have wanted.

If Ed Miliband makes it to No10 it'll the SNP pulling the strings - their explicit policy is for higher immigration. #sameoldlabour #GE2015

@IainDale I reckon it'll stay as it is. Pity: @JimAllister, who left the DUP when it somersaulted on Strormont, is a man of rare principle.

@MarcusOtte1 It'll be up in a few days, I'm told.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) replied to @FarleyP :

@FarleyP Them's the rules. But it'll be nice to see a friendly face there. See you tomorrow, Peter.

Alex Cunningham (Labour) tweeted :

Unemployment hits 17 year high - and it'll go higher as hundreds of thousands of publc sector jobs go.…