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Can you imagine a leaders debate in 1945 'this NHS and social housing sounds a grand idea, but it'll cost a few bob won't it?' #BBCDebate

@DouglasDaniel you're giving it as long as ten years? It'll be on ITV2 by Christmas time. Hosted by Joey Essex

BBC starting 3D sports coverage. Not sure it'll become ubiquitous until they find a way of ditching the goggles.

Kevan Jones is on his feet in the Finance Bill debate. It'll be a long night.

Awake early, as usual on a Saturday, awaiting arrival of box. Looks like it'll be another glorious day in north Wales.

@archiebland since I'm still familiarising myself with the concept, it'll take me a while to work out.

BBC weather forecaster tells me that in North Wales it'll "rain all day long". Just the day for a narrowboat trip...

@archiebland let's see how it goes; I very much hope that it'll gain acceptance to the point where it becomes the norm

@sevenscloud it'll be generally beneficial

@greggusrex it'll make your lads' lives a lot easier