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RT @BaronFullstop: RT @BaronFullstop: @Mike_Fabricant If we leave the EU what will happen to all the Duvets and Continental Quilts? Still it'll be good for th…

RT @tomchapman16: RT @tomchapman16: Read an article on the BBC about Cameron's attitude towards Europe. @PhilipDaviesMP is right, it'll define him as a Th ...

BBC starting 3D sports coverage. Not sure it'll become ubiquitous until they find a way of ditching the goggles.

Kevan Jones is on his feet in the Finance Bill debate. It'll be a long night.

Awake early, as usual on a Saturday, awaiting arrival of box. Looks like it'll be another glorious day in north Wales.

@archiebland since I'm still familiarising myself with the concept, it'll take me a while to work out.

BBC weather forecaster tells me that in North Wales it'll "rain all day long". Just the day for a narrowboat trip...

@archiebland let's see how it goes; I very much hope that it'll gain acceptance to the point where it becomes the norm

@sevenscloud it'll be generally beneficial

@greggusrex it'll make your lads' lives a lot easier