All deleted tweets from politicians

@actiontodate it'll be at the Guildhall and there are about 40 seats available for the public.

@PuckinMidsummer this evening, too. We are having an Indian summer; it'll shorten the winter.

@davesuncat @guidofawkes @timmontgomerie well yes, very true. And if Ed runs true to form, it'll be a humdinger.

Have to say that if I ever see another Downfall parody, it'll be too soon. A gag that's been done to death.

@Ontablets I'll see what I can do; it'll be a tough call with the Labour ones

@davidtorrance it'll bite him

@5starcolwynbay well it'll be hard to surpass the tremendous reception in Bangor. Llongyfarchiadau, Gwynedd! #Olympictorch

@chriswdrew yes; I'm sure it'll be looked at

@adam_kealey yes, it's an eyesore. I sincerely hope it'll be fixed in time for the season.

@harris79 @AngTherese @samyarwood89 @Cath0378 doubt it'll happen again