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EU-Commissioner for Budget and Administration

RT @JamesHeartfield: @OwenJones84 Great. You were against the EU right up to the point that we were called upon to decide the matter, and then you were for it. But when real socialists like Eddie Dempsey and @PaulEmbery fought for the right position you slandered them as racists and fascists.

RT @SteveHyndside: It’s really nice to see Michael acknowledge the roll of @TheGreenParty in EU ref. At the time @GreenPartyMolly and I worked so bloody hard, for me literally to the point of tears. But he is right, most of the left seemed not bothered until the day after the result!

RT @WPB_Hampshire: The EU is nothing more than a front for businesses who are using it to empower themselves, suppress our wages, pitch British workers against EU workers through open borders and use the wealth we have given them to control us all. It's time we were gone. #BrexitBritain

RT @georgegalloway: EU ARE KIDDING | Scotland couldn't sign a free trade deal with China George points out to texter Steve. #MOATS #SNPnomore Indyref2 #brexit GET A GRIP STEVE! @georgegalloway | @RT_com | @SputnikInt | @MoatsTV | @RTUKnews

RT @David__Osland: Jack Straw offered to operate 'under the radar' to change EU rules in favour of a fictitious Chinese company that said it was ready to pay him £60,000 a year. And he describes Labour under Corbyn as 'a swamp'?

Four years ago we woke to the news of #Brexit. #Londoners in particular voted overwhelmingly to stay in the #EU. However, the priority right now is to ensure this Government does not allow us to crash out of the transition period without a deal…