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Former EU Climate Action and Energy Commissioner


EU-Commissioner for Budget and Administration

Four years ago we woke to the news of #Brexit. #Londoners in particular voted overwhelmingly to stay in the #EU. However, the priority right now is to ensure this Government does not allow us to crash out of the transition period without a deal…

RT @Karlmsteel: @georgegalloway @nayright12 And he’s a EU fanatic like Bliar. He is right now planning how to return Britain back to the empire of Europe. He will fail, but as sure as night follows day he will do everything he can to try.

RT @RT_sputnik: SATURDAY | 10:00BST Dr @RussellDFoster on the EU and #COVID19 with @georgegalloway “Boris Johnson’s in a tricky position: he has to honour his pledge but .. neither London nor Brussels can afford the double hit of a hard Brexit and Coronavirus” WATCH:…