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EU-Commissioner for Budget and Administration

RT @eganwriter1: RT @eganwriter1: ‘Not a single EU country’ responded to Italian plea for help with coronavirus… via @Labour Heartlan…

RT @TristanCIarkson: I was too young to vote in the EU Referendum and I fought for a People's Vote. As did millions of young people. Today we lose access to a fantastic union offering young people endless opportunities - but for what benefit? This is #NotMyBrexit. I'll be #ForeverEuropean.

RT @sahouraxo: This is what humanity looks like. Even under EU sanctions, a massive Russian military convoy transporting doctors, experts, and desperately needed medical supplies heads to Bergamo, #Italy to help the country fight the #COVID19 outbreak. Grazie Russia.

RT @BromleyBrexit: Apparently I’ve changed, my values have always been the same a Eurosceptic who’s opposed EU Bureaucracy and fought for Independence since the age of 18, that fight is over. We can now bring the working class back into politics giving the voiceless a voice 🇬🇧.

RT @Partisangirl: “Today we have learned that solidarity between EU countries is a myth. China is our only hope” - Serbia The world has changed.

RT @c2des: China sends aid to Italy to help with Covid-19. The EU sends a man in a grey suit with a fine for millions for breaking sacred EU spending rules. Never mind humanity. Rules are rules! All hail economics!

RT @c2des: So let me guess this straight: I’m a racist for rejecting the madness of ‘open borders’ and EU free movement in preference for a sensible immigration policy But the EU, who have just seen a migrant shot dead trying to cross it’s external razor-wired frontier, are the good guys?

RT @c2des: RT @c2des: I love the EU. Such a caring, sharing, compassionate club.

RT @2010LeeHurst: Call a spade a spade. Remoaners do not want to leave the EU at all - ever. This means they will twist their words to pretend they're worried about what 'deal' we get. They're not. All you need to remember is, as before, they do not want to leave the EU at all - ever.

RT @NJamesWorld: NICOLA STURGEON left red-faced after it emerged the SNP paid for "Europe loves Scotland" to be projected on the EU headquarters - despite hinting it was arranged by Brussels Sturgeon probably buys herself a valentines card then brags she's got an admirer