All deleted tweets from politicians

Mzwandile Masina (ANC) tweeted :

I can be removed tomorrow as Mayor I’ll accepted without hesitation. I not a coward. Im ready @myanc I won’t ask you why. What I won’t do is to be friends of WMC. My views are more important then being gag by whites. I’m not a coward. Kill me if you can, I fear no one.

@Raiders_doom You do not get to tell what I can and cannot talk about. I’ll talk about what I feel like, when I feel like it. FOH.

@im_shenoi True, I’ll date I regret this

I’ve been on Twitter a lot less in 2020 and it’s been changing the way I use it. I’ll now keep an archive of about three months or so on a rolling basis.

I’ll be speaking with @SkyNewsRicho & @chrissmithonair on @SkyNewsAust soon about Australia’s post-#COVID19 economic path to recovery & the importance of getting Australians safely back to work. Tune in.

Jo Stevens (Labour) tweeted :

I’ll be pausing at 11am for #IWMD20. It’s particularly poignant this year as we remember the thousands of workers worldwide who have died fighting #COVID19 — a stark reminder of just how vital trade unions and proper health and safety at work is.

I’ll be on @Newzroom405 at 21:15 chatting with @JJTabane. Do tune in...

This afternoon, I’ll be LIVE on Facebook and Instagram. Send any questions you want answered related to transport and the lockdown bellow this tweet. #TransportQandA

Mzwandile Masina (ANC) replied to @wayneduv :

@wayneduv You are bought wena fool and vine on the ground people know the truth. I’ll never be intimidated by stupidity I’m not bought to lie

@Juliemc14 Hi Julie, thanks for your message, and for raising your concerns about HS2. I’ll write to you with a full response on this issue as soon as I can.