All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @RogerDavies01: I’ll be offering this painting as a raffle prize with 100% of proceeds donated to the Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Our Trust Charity More news is coming soon, please watch this space ‘Up Castle Hill, Huddersfield, 8pm on Thursday 9th April 2020’ @Examiner @BBCLeedsCulture

@joepike DM me your address and I’ll send you a Season 3; I’ve got a spare one. It’s also, basically, the best season.

@mainiesman Please do email me: I’ll try my best to advise you, including how to make contact with the Luton South MP if appropriate.

@TitmussDonna @itvanglia Absolutely guarantee that isn’t going to happen. Nor any other party. I’ll only work for Lutonians, not the political parties.