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RT @JustinTrudeau: We’re focused on keeping you safe and getting you the support you need. And in just a few minutes, I’ll be giving another update on our government’s response to COVID-19. Tune in here:…

UPDATE ON BINBROOK POST OFFICE: Canada Post is doing its best to re-open Binbrook PO this Sat. Apr 11. I’ll continue to keep you updated. A postal employee tested positive for COVID-19 at end of March. Deep sanitization of the PO was done, awaiting direction from Public Health.

Tomorrow night, I’ll be delivering an address to all Albertans on #COVID19AB. It will include projections and modeling from @AHS_media on where are at, where we are headed, and the important role physical distancing will play in the outcome.

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

I’ll take positive signs where I can find them

Sean Casey (Liberal) tweeted :

Happy #InternationalWomenDay2020. I’ll be at Saint Paul’s Church this evening with Phase II and friends. All are welcome.

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

When Phoenix Pay works, I’ll believe this