All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Tim_Roache: I’ll be bursting with pride as I know so many will, when again we clap for carers at 8pm. But let’s also include #clapforkeyworkers who are all on the frontline in this battle. @GMB_union and so proud. THANK YOU

I’ve been on Twitter a lot less in 2020 and it’s been changing the way I use it. I’ll now keep an archive of about three months or so on a rolling basis.

RT @epsmith9: Please watch the video 😁🥳 I don’t know how many will be able to see as I’m a private account but I’ll try for nothing 🤷🏻‍♀️

RT @RogerDavies01: I’ll be offering this painting as a raffle prize with 100% of proceeds donated to the Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Our Trust Charity More news is coming soon, please watch this space ‘Up Castle Hill, Huddersfield, 8pm on Thursday 9th April 2020’ @Examiner @BBCLeedsCulture

Jo Stevens (Labour) tweeted :

I’ll be pausing at 11am for #IWMD20. It’s particularly poignant this year as we remember the thousands of workers worldwide who have died fighting #COVID19 — a stark reminder of just how vital trade unions and proper health and safety at work is.

RT @hilaryluros: RT @hilaryluros: I dare you to watch this video only once. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Put your number below. Mine’s 3.

@Juliemc14 Hi Julie, thanks for your message, and for raising your concerns about HS2. I’ll write to you with a full response on this issue as soon as I can.

RT @BrynKewley: After 3 years of climate change geekery I’ll continue to advise @AlanWhiteheadMP in his expanded Green New Deal and Energy brief It’s a critical time for the climate and Labour’s team is looking stronger than ever

@joepike DM me your address and I’ll send you a Season 3; I’ve got a spare one. It’s also, basically, the best season.