All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @CharlJean: @carolynharris24 on behalf of the occupational therapy team in Gorseinon hospital I’d like to thank yourself and @MeccaBingo for supplying us with lots of goodies over the last few weeks. Definitely helped to keep moral high in tough times #ThanksAMillion

RT @wesstreeting: Urgh. This brings back memories. Especially the day my name wasn’t on the list because I’d moved home and I had to go and borrow money from a teacher. Took weeks to resolve.

RT @AndrewMarr9: I’ve been doing lockdown drawings and once this nightmare is over, I’d like to sell them to raise cash for NHS and care home charities. Anyone wanting to look should try

RT @BBhuttoZardari: I’d like to thank government of Sindh for doing everything in their power to lead an all of government approach to deal with this crisis. This approach is needed in other provinces & at the federal level. I appeal to the PM to please implement CM Sindhs recommendations ASAP. 4/4