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Member #MEP @europarl @eppgroup @cdu_csu_ep coordinator for @ep_singlemarket #digital #brexit #competition #EUswitzerland

RT @BloombergRadio: The Conservative revolt against Boris Johnson's latest #Brexit bill is growing with @neill_bob telling @chepker @rdhearing that his amendment has significant backing among fellow backbenchers.

RT @BethRigby: ANALYSIS: ‘Brexit detox day’ for Labour as Starmer threw party onto the ‘we’re all leavers now’ bandwagon. His ambition now is to re-cast himself as ‘the competent’ Leaver against a PM that could be taking UK to a no trade deal exit. Fascinating politics…

RT @AmandeepBhogal: RT @AmandeepBhogal: ◽ Heidi Allen From "We have to accept the result" to Boll*cks to Brexit. #NotLiberal_NotDemocratic…

RT @AmandeepBhogal: “If anyone doesn’t hate Brexit, even if you voted for it, there’s something WRONG with YOU” Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet member touring TV studios claiming Labour will abide by result of a 2nd referendum (after ignoring 1st) - but here’s what they really think

RT @AmandeepBhogal: Jeremy Corbyn can’t or won’t tell the public where he stands on Brexit. He can’t even say if he would back his own Brexit deal at another referendum. Imagine Britain's Shock...…

RT @AmandeepBhogal: 🇬🇧 Crystal Clear Choice #VoteConservative ✔️Getting Brexit done ✔️20,000 new police ✔️More money for our NHS ✔️More money for every pupil ✔️An Australian style, points-based immigration system Or Corbyn

RT @AmandeepBhogal: RT @AmandeepBhogal: ◽ Let’s unleash the potential of our great country ◽◽ It's Time To Get Brexit Done #VoteConservative ◽◽…

RT @AmandeepBhogal: Tonight a special message from New Delhi No one knows value of freedom more than India Back Brexit - Back Freedom #VoteConservative for PM @BorisJohnson to Get Brexit Done Our friend of old A #NewIndia awaits a truly Global Britain to partner dreaming a billion dreams! 🇬🇧🇮🇳👌

RT @Hatch526: @tomhfh @Nigel_Farage your no deal offer will not get through Parliament. Your policy risks loosing Brexit. You will never have the numbers for no deal, the only way we leave is through the WA. Back Boris.

RT @Bren55UK: @Mike_Fabricant Blocking is my favourite started with Brexit, then Boris, now they are just total loons, sitting at home, taking 80% of their salary to do nothing, their brains have shrunk..