All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @DevinDrover: The Conservative Party’s policy declaration has long-recognized the importance of free votes on issues of moral conscience, including abortion and euthanasia. Peter MacKay must continue this approach if he expects to lead a united Conservative Party.…

RT @ComradeCeeCee: BAME MPs and campaigners have led the fight against the Tory party’s racism and bigotry. The Tories want you to sit down and shut up. Don’t give them what they want.…

RT @jhalcrojohnston: It’s a shame SNP ministers and MSPs don’t get as angry about the impact on patients of their party’s mismanagement of Scotland’s NHS as they do about valid criticism of that mismanagement. #HealthDebate

RT @darrengrimes_: Abott here is completely unable to justify her party’s anti-election stance to #Marr. Lost for words. They’re grinding our government and country to a halt for short term gain. Awful.

RT @scotexec: Exec notes that the Scottish Nationalist Party’s Citizens’ Assemblies are not directed to consider the option of increased harmonisation with the rest of the country. Participants are primed only to consider various shades of separateness. What a sham. H/T @rogerlwhite

RT @aranmlewis: RT @aranmlewis: @chelleryn99 Wandsworth Labour MPs grieving at the party’s devastating defeat on 12 Dec 2019.