All deleted tweets from politicians

I’ve been on Twitter a lot less in 2020 and it’s been changing the way I use it. I’ll now keep an archive of about three months or so on a rolling basis.

RT @tegwenhaf1: RT @tegwenhaf1: Whoever is taking my Yes Cymru stickers down around the village - don’t bother as I’ll replace them straight away - I won’t…

@joepike DM me your address and I’ll send you a Season 3; I’ve got a spare one. It’s also, basically, the best season.

@mainiesman Please do email me: I’ll try my best to advise you, including how to make contact with the Luton South MP if appropriate.

RT @V_Shillington: RT @V_Shillington: @uniontrevor1975 @MPJulian @NDP I’ll be voting in the advance polls!

@TitmussDonna @itvanglia Absolutely guarantee that isn’t going to happen. Nor any other party. I’ll only work for Lutonians, not the political parties.

RT @jasonmackenzie: RT @jasonmackenzie: Great stuff. I’ll be watching @CommonsCMS closely this year.

@choosymother Right. It didn’t. I’ll VONC any Tory leader. But I’ll never vote confidence in Jeremy Corbyn.

I’ll be voting against the Withdrawal Bill today at 2nd reading; and again against the programme motion, today. There’s no mandate for the kind of blind Brexit the PM is persuing. That can be fixed with a confirmatory vote amendment, which I’ll support if it reaches that stage.

RT @gavinshuker: There’ll be a general election on 12 December; I’ll stand as the *Independent* candidate for Luton South. Luton has always been my home - it’s been an honour to be our voice in parliament since 2010. Our politics has changed a lot in that time. Fundamentally, mine hasn’t. (1/4)