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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

Launch of the Vote Leave Campaign in Scotland 18th May 2106 : “if we want more powers for the Scottish parliament to create better policies, it’s time to vote leave.” Compare and contrast with this on 14th Feb 2020 from the Bruges Group , staunch Vote Leave campaigners…

RT @EP_Edinburgh: We would like to pay homage to the Members of the European Parliament who were elected to represent #Scotland from 1979 - 2020. Thank you for you service.

RT @AndrewBowie4WAK: RT @AndrewBowie4WAK: 'Scotland deserves better than Nicola Sturgeon's pathetic, childish and humiliating obsession with the EU flag' https:…

RT @VoiceScotland: RT @VoiceScotland: Happy Christmas and New Year from Voice Scotland.

RT @ScotParl: The Referendums (Scotland) Bill has just been approved by MSPs in @ScotParl. 68 members have voted yes, 54 have voted no and 2 have abstained from voting. Find out more about the Bill at…

RT @andydphilip: A lot of understandable anger in Scotland to Boris Johnson's boast on Northern Ireland: "You keep free movement, you keep access to the single market, but you also have unfettered access to the EU." About two-thirds of Scots voters called for something very similar in 2016.

RT @GreenerScotland: “Any form of Brexit is bad for Scottish business, bad for Scotland’s farmers and bad for Scotland.” Brexit Secretary @feorlean on why Rural Scotland is at greatest risk from any form of Brexit: 👉

RT @ArthurStramash: Good grief, how much does Scot Tory Luke Graham hate Scotland? Literally raging and telling off senior Tory Dominic Grieve who speaks on the injustice of Northern Ireland special EU status while remain Scotland being ignored 🙈 #BrexitBill