All deleted tweets from politicians

Thinking of everyone in Brisbane about to go back into lockdown. This isn’t easy, but Australians are with you.

RT @TomMcTague: Isn’t it all quite simple? 1. If it’s about COVID, France’s response is draconian but reasonable and justified 2. If it’s something to do with Brexit, it’s unreasonable and unjustified They are separate issues. Both points should be easy to accept whatever you think of Brexit

RT @SaketGokhale: It’s not even hidden anymore: the ECI is openly perpetrating electoral fraud. And this isn’t even the first time. If not made to answer, this will become routine for all future elections.

RT @MayorofLondon: London isn’t the city we know and love without our world-famous cultural institutions. It’s right that the Govt has listened to my call for a support package, but it now must go further to protect the livelihoods of London’s struggling creative workforce.…

@MichelleRempel @CarolynRParsons @rlb74 You just exposed yourself Rempel, Ambrose isn’t a former member of your party...she’s more a member that you’d ever been. Um, Party of One. Party of it.

RT @ProfTomkins: Yet we were the slowest of the UK’s home nations to emerge from lockdown over the summer. If this isn’t a damning indictment of Sturgeon’s failed strategy, I don’t know what is.

RT @hyzaidi: RT @hyzaidi: Isn’t it amazing how the most patriotic of Pakistanis always invest abroad and their kids also settle there? Apparently it’s a…

RT @wellcometrust: Vaccine research alone isn’t enough. We urgently need more treatments for #COVID19, particularly for those most at risk from the disease 📉 💊 | #coronavirus

RT @AyoCaesar: Far-right activists punching cops in Westminster. Isn’t this the kind of disorder they said was the reason they wanted to stop BLM?

RT @avinashkalla: @G_Chaudhary1 @thebharatpur Well Govardhan ji, he isn’t too off the mark. What an irony that tourism puts #Rajasthan on world map, gets most footfalls. But that is mostly due to private players. @my_rajasthan doesn’t have much role. Take monuments out what has government done to push tourism @vishvendrabtp