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This isn’t leadership from Labour on the Union, this is the same old, tired argument that they’ve made before, and they’re offering nothing to challenge the SNP. Only @ScotTories have the strength to take on the SNP and stop their push for indyref2.

RT @kitmalthouse: When big business calls for more regulation, the customer isn’t their concern. We must smash the near cartels and oligopolies with relish, kicking down doors closed by the powerful, for brave people to enter and compete. Brisk competition brings faster growth and higher wages

RT @DrGABaines: @CSOL14441 @RobertSyms You don’t have to go - it isn’t mandatory. My point more so that establishments this side of the border will lose out.

RT @CLaidlaw: RT @CLaidlaw: Appears some people are yet to learn that negative campaigning isn’t particularly effective...