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RT @ryancapperauld: Translation, aye it’s pretty much England’s fault. I mean for the current Scottish government it always is isn’t it?

Dan Albas (Conservative) tweeted :

This isn’t what accountability looks like. Last I checked, we already have an Ambassador to China and his name isn’t Bob Rae. He’s speaking as a private citizen- he’s neither the Ambassador nor the Minister responsible, so why is he answering? Let’s hear from the PM/ Minister!

RT @COP26: "Building a green economy isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for the bottom line" Read @AlokSharma_RDG's speech at the Council for Sustainable Business' #COP26 Business Leaders event. 👉 @DefraGovUK | #SustainableRecovery | #ClimateAction

Nick Boles (Conservative) tweeted :

If SNP spokesmen are going to misrepresent the PM like this, it isn’t that surprising that No 10 is nervous about telling them things in advance. Lives are at stake @Ianblackford_MP Grow up and act with responsibility.

Twitter isn’t happy posting multiple tweets tonight!

Today we introduced a bill to take action on human trafficking. Human trafficking isn’t some problem that’s far removed in another corner of the world - it happens here in Alberta, and it has to stop. That’s why we will be a leader in this fight.…

This isn’t Sun Tzu, it’s Jim Hacker.

RT @ajpbradley: RT @ajpbradley: @nlygo @RoryStewartUK No it isn’t. It’s a late model LTI powered by a Nissan (iirc) diesel not an LEVC petrol-electric plug…

RT @W6FixTheBridge: Friday night by the river. It’s peaceful here. It isn’t peaceful on the A4 which is gridlocked, or on any of the many roads suffering from the closure of Hammersmith Bridge. It will only get worse until we get a sensible narrative from @LBHF and @TfLBusAlerts about fixing it.