All deleted tweets from politicians

It’s Steve Reed that isn’t fit for purpose - a Shadow Communities Secretary whose been called out for anti-semitism. What was Keir Starmer thinking?

RT @PoliticallyPaul: 📺 WATCH an SNP MSP admit his government isn’t supporting Scottish companies. If you assume the nationalists are standing up for Scotland, it’s time to re-think your assumptions.

RT @RupertMyers: RT @RupertMyers: The 44th MP - this story isn’t going anywhere, it’s getting worse

RT @TomTugendhat: Foreign policy isn’t about others, it’s about us. How do we keep ourselves safe, prosperous and happy? How do we work with others to achieve that? This isn't a local pandemic, it demands a global perspective. That's what we need from @10DowningStreet and @UKParliament. 1/

Btw - this isn’t a criticism of airports. I just think that airports and airlines are valued partners in the aviation system and can be coordinated to help get out information and assistance.

RT @JuliaHB1: Yep, there definitely isn’t room inside (or outside) the Batiment Mansfield building where Luxembourg PM Xavier Bettel refused to move that press conference so noisy protesters wouldn’t drown out Boris Johnson. Absolutely. You can barely swing a cat.