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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @MiriamBrett: Yeah we are! Scotland is poised to become the first country to end period poverty by providing free sanitary products to women of all ages in the country. Congratulations to all involved in making this happen!…

RT @tristangrayedi: England has the 4th lowest number of hospital beds per capita in the entire OECD. Scotland is pretty much right on average. There's no spinning that problem. Westminster has probably just 10 days to pour resources into hospitals or face an unprecedented crisis.

RT @MiriamBrett: β€œThe difference in rates between Scotland and the rest of the UK is mainly due to lower rents in the social housing sector as well as Scotland having a higher proportion of social rented properties." I can’t believe Right to Buy is still legal in England.…

RT @MiriamBrett: A week in Scotland talking with officials, ministers, civil society groups and unions about democratic ownership with @DantonsHead for @Cmmonwealth, topped off with a trip to meet folk organising the Ulva buyout and seeing these wee beauties - Thanks to everyone that met with us!