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@AirCanada @WestJet You two fighting isn’t a great look for those of us trying to help you carving a path forward for the industry. Get it together.

4/4 For all the talk of a Team Canada approach, the Liberals act like Parliament isn’t important. Debate & study makes programs better. Proposing constructive solutions is exactly what Parliament is for. Conservatives will continue to fight for the support that Canadians deserve.

Current debate on transgender is putting pressure on GIDS to transition more children at risk of harm. This isn’t about wholeness or transphobia. It is about safety

RT @brianlilley: RT @brianlilley: Well this isn’t quite right.....

RT @DoreenJ67734625: I am getting very upset by all this stuff about Nigel. I really hope it isn’t true. Does anyone know? The Great Brexit Party Swindle… via @BylineTimes

This isn’t Sun Tzu, it’s Jim Hacker.

@NicholasWest27 Come on Nick, this is a good news story... isn’t it great that despite the closure of the Retailery, our Council have found a great new privately funded operator to keep this brilliant venue open in the heart of Romford? I went there last week... a great place for local people!

Lisa Raitt (Conservative) tweeted :

Hoping this isn’t a problem -