All deleted tweets from politicians

sipho mbatha (EFF) retweeted @Ms_Onesimo :

RT @Ms_Onesimo: RT @Ms_Onesimo: Shame doesn’t exist in the EC. They’re not phased by anything.

They’re having this meeting to finalize the NCC terms of reference 47 days after it was set up? This is becoming more shambolic with each passing day. Where’s the leadership?…

I really feel bad for nurses and doctors who don’t have the time to cook meals because they’re too busy saving lives and helping those in need. How has the government become so callas?

Geordin Hill-Lewis (DA) tweeted :

@_cosatu has not even spoken to the PIC! Although the bank robber never tells the bank in advance that they’re about to be robbed.

RT @comradeAdvocate: @GovernmentZA Lol wait, the GOVERNMENT is “joining in anger” like they’re ordinary citizens and are powerless? Basadi ba bolaiwa. Do something. Helang

Brave call by the PSA and I’m sure they’re going to have no problem by leading the way and forfeiting public servants pay increases for 3 years.