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@thermalimageguy @bbcthesocial I don't agree with iconoclastic erasure of history, but I do agree with a better means of raising public awareness of the reasons why the streets were named as they were.

👏 Fab that we have exceeded 200 000 Covid-19 tests a day! If you have: ✅A new, persistent cough ✅A high temperature ✅A loss/change of your sense of smell or taste 👉You can get a test here:… #StayAlert

Esther McVey (UKMPs) tweeted :

With Zoom calls in Lockdown all the rage, never have we been so concerned about the way we look ..... What effect will Covid 19 have on the beauty industry? Listen in .... 🎧

RT @TanDhesi: Today marks 36 years since Indira Gandhi ordered abhorrent attack on Darbar Sahib complex, leading to destruction of historic structures, burning of reference library and Sikh genocide. Still no justice for victims and inquiry into Thatcher Govt’s involvement. #NeverForget1984

RT @TanDhesi: Reopening schools is hugely important to pupils' education & wellbeing, but teachers, unions & Govt scientists must all be in agreement on these plans. Recently, I spoke to @BBCBerkshire about the importance of protecting children, families and staff.…

RT @TanDhesi: Seeing yet another brutal murder of an unarmed black man, clear that American police have institutionalised racism problem, which needs to be rooted out. Hoping for #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd and others. Solidarity from across the pond to African Americans.✊🏼…

I want MPs to return to Parliament as children are beginning a phased return to schools. However, for those MPs that are sick, shielding or self-isolating, I think it is only right that they should be able to continue voting online or by proxy.

@DoughtyStPublic @DoughtyStIntl @DoughtyStCrime @DoughtyStreet It’s an honour to join Doughty Street Chambers as an Associate Tenant. I have worked with many of Doughty Street's preeminent Barristers and over the years and have long admired their internationally renowned work. I look forward to contributing and drawing on this expertise.