All deleted tweets from politicians



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Stephen Lloyd (UKMPs) tweeted :

Check this out folks, if you’d like a great read. Cole’s a friend of mine, lives locally in Eastbourne and a brilliant writer.

RT @KarlTurnerMP: You didn’t knock doors in East Hull did you, Alex? Had you done so, you’d have heard what they said about our leadership and which person that they thought could be the next @UKLabour PM. @Keir_Starmer is the person most mentioned on the doorstep as the credible choice. Fact!

RT @davidschneider: Come on, Jewish Chronicle. You’d condemn people who say antisemitism’s just an excuse to shut down criticism of Israel. So why publish an article saying Islamophobia’s just an excuse to shut down criticism of Islam? We must stand together against bigotry.…

You’d never guess what a fractious week we’ve had from this picture.

@MrTCHarris @theSNP @tomfrench85 It was about an environmental thing. You’d be hated it.

Caroline Lucas (Green) tweeted :

Can you spot the invasive species in these pictures? If so, you’d be a good candidate for a biosecurity citizens army of volunteers to identify outbreaks of invasive species which threaten our native biodiversity Just one idea from today’s @CommonsEAC report

RT @IanMurrayMP: RT @IanMurrayMP: Same tactic as the SNP. You’d think Farage and the SNP were all nationalists or something!!!!!…