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RT @davidschneider: Come on, Jewish Chronicle. You’d condemn people who say antisemitism’s just an excuse to shut down criticism of Israel. So why publish an article saying Islamophobia’s just an excuse to shut down criticism of Islam? We must stand together against bigotry.…

RT @caped_illBeBack: RT @caped_illBeBack: @Simon4NDorset received your leaflet in the post. Please can I ask how you’d plan to open up a local custody suite.

RT @tom_bray: Heading out as @ChrLeft in the NE to help campaign for @bphillipsonMP and @ACunninghamMP tomorrow - do get in touch if you’d like to join me! Lifts available!

RT @IsabelHardman: Must say that for all the truth in “if you lived outside London, you’d appreciate Labour’s broadband offer”, my broadband in Barrow is absolutely brilliant but in SW London it rarely goes above hamster power.

You’d never guess what a fractious week we’ve had from this picture.

RT @DrGABaines: But Jo, it’s immaterial to you. No matter how much time was given to debate you’d still reject it, same as you wouldn’t respect a second referendum unless the decision goes the way you wish. Utterly shameful.…

@MrTCHarris @theSNP @tomfrench85 It was about an environmental thing. You’d be hated it.

RT @rhiannonlucyc: I see the Tories are busy cementing their reputation as the kind of pompous snivelling pricks you’d avoid like the plague at a fresher’s law cheese and wine mixer

This General Election is the most important for a generation. If you’d like to help out with our campaign in #Maidstone and The Weald then please visit my office at Maidstone East Station Forecourt or drop me an email at I’d love to hear from you!

@lmchesters if you read the guidelines at… you’d see that apron and runway upgrades, part of #BendigoAirport’s proposal, as well as other relevant works can be funded. It seems you’ve done nothing to support #BendigoAirport secure funding. #notgoodenough