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Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland


Scottish Labour MSP for Central Scotland

RT @bigpatmcaleenan: @eddireader @Dr_PhilippaW Not just north Ayrshire, all of Scotland, look to the kids & elderly who are safe in SNP hands, Tories & Labour promise the world but only deliver ermine & debt,' save the future forget the past unionist selfishness and greed can never last' vote SNP.

RT @paulsweeneyman: RT @paulsweeneyman: Good luck to progressive Paul Sweeney, Scotland from Paul Sweeney, Ireland!!…

RT @JyeEssPee: RT @JyeEssPee: Dr W scaremongering again. The SNP currently have full of NHS Scotland.…

RT @ScotNational: "I want, and I’m determined that, Scotland will also be the country that helps change the focus of countries and governments across the world to put well-being at the heart of everything that we do"…