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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @DanCardenMP: The issues facing people across Scotland are the same as the issues facing people in north Liverpool. When Labour wins, the nurse wins, the office worker wins, Scotland wins, we all win. #RealChange @PaulJSweeney

RT @PaulJSweeney: I was on BBC Good Morning Scotland discussing why Labour's plan to put any final Brexit deal back to the people - to ratify or reject - is now the only logical and reasonable way forward to solve this mess. Give the people the final say over this and then we can finally move on.

RT @PaulJSweeney: Secretary of State for Scotland Alister Jack really ought to learn the facts about Clyde shipbuilding before making such dubious claims. Happily as Shadow Scotland Minister (and the only shipbuilder in Parliament) I was more than happy to correct the record in @TheEveningTimes.ā€¦

RT @talkRADIO: RT @talkRADIO: Scotland won't 'forgive' Labour if they permit second Indyref, says @cajardineMP

RT @PaulJSweeney: Workers have been building and maintaining locomotives in Springburn since the first railways were built in Scotland, over 160 years ago. This tradition may finally come to an end this month, but it won't be without a fight to save it. This old drawing proudly hangs in my office.

RT @LabourRichard: In Scotland the richest 1% have more personal wealth than the poorest 50% combined. It's time to talk seriously about teaching wealth.