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Labour MSP for Central Scotland.


Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland

RT @markhmcgivern: It's polydrug hell in Scotland. New category created for "street benzos", with fake Valium - etizolam - deaths utterly out of control, almost double.. Deaths up in EVERY CATEGORY - heroin, methadone, cocaine, gabapentin, pregabalin. These stats are terrifying ..

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RT @DaniRowley: RT @DaniRowley: We have a drug crisis in Scotland. We must ask serious questions and come up with urgent solutions. #ProblemDrugUse https:/…

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And we’ve reached the stage in Scotland that some churches actively want to play their part. This happened in my constituency this weekend:…

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@UrbanPeri We’ve heard from Police Scotland that a letter of comfort from the Lord Advocate would be sufficient. The first DCRs in Canada were opened without the permission of the federal government.

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@JPooleSmith I’m talking about in the event Scotland votes to leave the UK. It should be two stage referendum that allows the public to confirm their choice following the detailed negotiations.

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RT @sabir_zazai: Thanks @Gedk for visiting us today. We're determined to work with you and others to ensure people who now call #Scotland their new home are afforded the dignity and respect they deserve.…

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RT @DaniRowley: Glasgow hosting COP26 will be a great opportunity for Scotland to showcase work already happening + the huge potential to be a world leader on climate action & green jobs. UK & Scottish Governments must also use opp to step up on urgent work needed to avoid climate catastrophe.

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@shocker38 @MhairiHunter Which Scotland are you proposing I vote for instead? Wings? The Growth Commission’s? Patrick Harvie’s?

RT @CambuslangCC: Reminder: the Scottish Affairs Committee are launching their report on access to cash in Scotland on Thursday, 29th August, 9.45-12.00 at the Cambuslang Institute. Come along to hear how unbanked towns and ATM loss can be avoided. Free registration here:

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RT @Gedk: A great pleasure welcome @CommonsScotAffs to Cambuslang to launch our report on Access to Cash in Scotland. Thank you to our chair @PeteWishart for being there and to @CambuslangCC for hosting us and for their excellent input into the report.